Invest in your organization. Invest in your people.

Generate Revenue

With the Liberty Blue Affinity Program, people within your organization who are, or become, a Liberty Bay Credit Union member will be provided with a Liberty Bay Mastercard Debit Card co-branded with your organization's logo. Your organization will share in revenues generated by transactions from every cardholder.1

There are two factors that are considered for eligibility of earned revenue for your organization:

  • The average daily balance your organization has on deposit with Liberty Bay.2
  • The number of active cardholders affiliated with your organization that are Liberty Bay members.3

Increase Recognition

In addition to providing a steady stream of revenue, the Liberty Blue Affinity Program will help to build recognition in your community. The co-branded debit card will keep you top of mind, while spreading awareness of your organization with each purchase.

Inspire Loyalty

At Liberty Bay, we understand the importance of the people that make up and support your organization. That's why we're committed to helping them attain their financial goals. By offering the financial tools provided by the Liberty Blue Affinity Program, you'll show the people that are invested in you, that you're invested in them. That demonstration of support will foster loyalty and create value for your organization.

Are you interested in bringing the Liberty Blue Affinity Program to your organization? Request additional information by contacting us at 617-439-5090 or

Are you affiliated with an existing Affinity Partner Organization? Become an Affinity Banking Member today! Follow the link below and have your Access ID ready. If you would like to speak with a member of our team regarding a new or existing membership, please contact 617-439-5083 or


1The shared revenue earned will be paid out on a quarterly basis.
2The "Average Daily Balance" is calculated by the total daily balance maintained in the prior calendar quarter, divided by the total number of days in that quarter.
3Eligible cardholders must establish direct deposit to a Liberty Bay Credit Union account. The card count for active cards will be calculated on a quarterly basis.