Your Organization Needs The Right Program

Regardless of your industry sector, organizational affiliation, corporate structure or composition, the Liberty Blue Affinity Program can help differentiate your organization from your industry peers by securing a competitive fiscal advantage and bolstering your brand.

Corporations & SMBs 

We understand your goals. You’re looking to increase brand awareness and foster loyalty, all while strengthening your bottom line.

With the Liberty Blue Affinity Program you will be able to offer a co-branded debit card to your people which will strengthen brand loyalty, attract new customers, and keep your business top of mind.




If you're looking to find new and creative ways to raise funds that will help your organization accomplish its mission, then the Liberty Blue Affinity Program may be just what you're looking for! 

The program equips your employees, volunteers and retirees with a debit card co-branded with your organization’s logo. Your organization will share in revenues generated by transactions from each eligible cardholder. As an added bonus, with each purchase the cardholder demonstrates their pride and dedication to your cause.


Member Associations 

Are you a member association looking for ways to add value to each membership? With the Liberty Blue Affinity Program, unions, foundations, alumni groups, and other like-minded organizations can build loyalty among the membership, while sharing in revenue generated by cardholder transactions, helping your organization thrive and grow. When your members are Liberty Bay members, we all win.



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