AFFINITY: A similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship, a resemblance in structure; a spontaneous or natural liking for something.

Liberty Blue Affinity Program

The Liberty Blue Affinity Program delivers a personalized working relationship between Liberty Bay Credit Union and our Affinity Partners, while driving a direct fiscal benefit to those organizations, and simultaneously providing exceptional benefits to the employees…without any fees to the employee or Partner organization!

The program is propelled by the Liberty Blue Affinity rewards debit card. This co-branded debit card is customized with our Affinity Partner’s logo, and through the use of the card, gives back a previously untapped revenue stream to participating organizations. 

Available to an organization’s employees, members, retirees, or volunteers – along with their families – Affinity incentivizes each cardholder with its slew of benefits, and through the loyalty to their organization, to use the co-branded rewards debit card for their day-to-day purchases. The more people utilizing the card, the more your organization earns!

The Liberty Blue Affinity Program could be a great fit for your organization if:
  • You're looking for an efficient and nontraditional way to establish a new source of income
  • You're looking to provide meaningful benefits to your people
  • You're looking to increase brand recognition in your community and loyalty among your constituents 
  • You're looking to add value to your organization by providing a program that offers access to financial literacy and tools
  • You're looking to partner with an experienced financial institution that provides unparalleled service and accelerated results

Are you interested in bringing the Liberty Blue Affinity Program to your organization? Request additional information by contacting us at 617-439-5090 or

Are you affiliated with an existing Affinity Partner Organization? Become an Affinity Banking Member today! Follow the link below and have your Access ID ready. If you would like to speak with a member of our team regarding a new or existing membership, please contact 617-439-5083 or