Liberty Bay is a Proud Sponsor of Woburn 375

In our 100th year, Liberty Bay is proud to partner with the City of Woburn in celebration of their 375th year! Woburn 375 is a year long celebration put on by the City of Woburn in partnership with the Woburn Historical Society and a wonderful group of businesses who are dedicated to serving the poeple of Woburn. Liberty Bay is among them, and is a top corporate sponsor of Woburn 375.

Visit www.woburn375.com to learn more and to see the lineup of great programs scheduled throughout the year. And, see below for their feature summer event underwritten by Liberty Bay. 


Vintage/Old Time Baseball Tournament

Saturday, July 22 | Library Park

63 Harrison Ave, Woburn, MA 01801 

Join us for a day of fun for the whole family down at Library Park. Learn how base ball used to be played back in the 1860s, when the umpire would go to the fans for help making a call, and players fielded the ball without gloves! Watch the Essex Base Ball League take on the personas of base ball teams that played in Woburn back in the 1860s. And, watch some of our local celebrities take on the pros in a game like they've never played before. Click here to learn more


Learn more about this and all Woburn 375 events at www.woburn375.com.